Shubert - Brush for cats and dogs

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soft bristles, light brown, size S, 6.30x2.75x0.59 in

Schubert soft bristles for effective care of cats and dogs. Schubert's pet care products will allow you to relax and turn pet grooming into a pleasant and fun activity.

High quality

The Schubert brush has an extremely high-quality pad that is soft and elastic, so when bending, it bends according to how strongly or gently you perform the combing movements.

Specially designed handle

The brush handle is ergonomic so it won’t bother your hands and wrists. You will be able to comb the animal in various techniques and directions.

Coat care

With this brush you will be able to loosen the dog's or cat's fur, remove the dead hair that is being shed, and comb out small tufts.

Special bristles

The brush bristles are made of specially selected soft wire. The brush is perfect for the daily care and massage of the dog's fur, it stimulates the circulatory system of the animal's skin.


Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.76 x 0.6 in.

Size - S.

Color - light brown.

Shape - Rectangular.

For dogs and cats.