Tauro Pro Line - Pet Nail Grinder

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The easy-to-use grinder will become an indispensable tool for pet owners. From now on, shortening your pet’s nails will not be a challenge, but a fun and easy procedure.



With this electric nail cutter, you will achieve the highest quality results. The extra-hard and wear-resistant carborundum grinding wheel does a great job.


Quick grinding

Its wheel and brass shaft ensure strong power and high rotational speeds. For this reason, you will quickly sand your pet’s nails.


One head – three different systems

Use the large head to shorten the nails of large and medium-sized pets, as well as for faster results. Put on a white protective shield and use a sander to shorten the nails of small pets.


Silent operation

The noise level of the cutter is less than 60 dB. This ensures a quieter operation that will less annoy pets.


Convenient design

The cutter has a curved design. It has been chosen to suit people’s habits, which is why it is extremely convenient to use.


Easy operation

Allow your pet to smell and get used to the device, then turn on the cutter and let it get used to the sound it emits. Once the pet is used, squeeze and release the pet's paws to expose the nails. After doing this, gently sand the pet's nails, adjusting the sanding angle.



Power output – 5W.

Battery: LR6 AA 1.5 V x 2 pcs.

Powered by LR6 AA voltage 1.5 V.

The battery type is an alkaline dry battery.

Noise level less than 60 dB.

Plug – compliant with European standards.

Curve design to suit people’s habit.

Colour - white.


Made in China.